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About: Devon Schiller

A scholar artist, Devon Schiller holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute and is an alumna of the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. With his research methodology as an art historian complementing his studio practice as a digital painter, Mr. Schiller employs cultural analysis as informed by the paradigm of cognitive science to investigate a thesis at the intersection of visual and textual literacy. In multimodal visual essays, composed in screenshots and written inquiry on the computer desktop that is his canvas, he curates found sources as well as photography taken with and text written by his own hand through a haptic tool-gesture system of body, pointing device, and graphical user interface. In the navigation of virtual knowledge landscapes, Mr. Schiller evaluates how the morphological properties of image and text produce additional meanings in collaboration with each other, how nonlinear narrative advances inter-textual thought, and how the signs and significations of visual culture develop from our biological inheritance. As a graduate student, Mr. Schiller’s research examines the cognitive mechanisms and embodied responses of viewers as they engage forms of image and text. An emerging museum professional, Mr. Schiller nurtures a critical eye towards information landscapes and a transparent topography of these operating systems, contributing to the social forum of the museum as a steward of culture and framer of identity by cultivating a media framework.

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