Education/Interpretation and Exhibition Internship, 2013
Stefania Van Dyke, Master Teacher for Textile Art and Special Projects
Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, USA
▪ Art historical research on objects in the Permanent Collection with a focus on the museum’s new
textile art galleries
▪ Research of current practices relating to interpretive material and community outreach in other museums
▪ Visitor experience research and assessment to determine effectiveness of interpretive material in and related programming for the interactive textile gallery Thread Studio
▪ 140 page report on the methodology for visitor interviews, surveys and observation, a critical analysis of data, and recommended action points for the improvement and development of Thread Studio

Research Assistant, 2012
Professor Michele Fricke, Chair of the Art History Program
Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
▪ Research on history of the Royal Doulton Company (founded 1815, UK), as well as the manufacturing process and cultural significance of their ceramic ‘toby jugs’
▪ Preparation for Professor Fricke’s article published in and presented at Community Curator: A Project of the Kansas City Museum at Corinthian Hall

Studio and Painting Assistant, 2011-2012
Jim Sajovic
Jim Sajovic Artworks, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
▪ Painting assistant for F RE (acrylic and digital media on canvas, 124 x 96 inches)
▪ Preparation of The Fire and the Rose (pigmented inks and acrylic on canvas, 49 ½ x 45 inches), a commissioned portrait of donor Jason Pollen purchased by Kemper Museum of Art, including test proofing, Photoshop colour adjustment, digital printing, frame construction, and canvas stretching




Master of Arts, Media Art Histories, expected graduation date 2017
Danube University Krems, Krems, Austria

Curatorial Studies Online Certificate Program, 2014-2015
Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, Germany
▪ Rethinking Curating Through Popular Culture with Craig Schuftan, studying historical modes of curation and the curatorial act in culture, narrative construction in exhibit design, and effective practices for building audience diversity
▪ Exhibit Design with Iohanna Nicenboim, from design and planning to production and installation; visitor experience, the psychology of human behaviour in interior environments, and anthropometrics

Web Design Transitions Certificate Program, 2014
Boulder Digital Arts, Boulder, Colorado, USA
▪ Creation of a website from design to deployment
▪ Aspects of website design such as Wire-frames, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Hosting

Study Abroad, 2011
Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy
▪ Supported by the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
▪ Painting Conservation Level 1 with Roberta Lapucci, Ph.D., studying techniques to preserve, extend, and document the life of works of cultural heritage, including a science of diagnostic methodologies, empirical observation, graphic recording, and restoration techniques; international law regarding the stewardship of artworks, as well as museum and cultural heritage site conservation policy and practice; ethical code of the conservator
▪ Conduct in-situ master studies of artworks in Florentine museums, as well as drawing from observation and photo documentation of neighbouring archaeological and historic sites

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art History and Painting, 2009-2013
Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
▪ Art history scholarship, its methods and historiography, including historical discourses centered on cycles, biography, empiricism, evolution, etc.; object analysis through techniques of connoisseurship and an examination of style, iconography, quality and canon; and contextual approaches to art history through social frameworks such as political and cultural theory, psychoanalysis and feminist
▪ Application of such analytic forms in written papers, verbal presentations, and discussion
▪ Development of a professional studio art practice, including skills in creative problem solving, collaborative working and projects, community presence and interaction, visual literacy, perception and active observation, two- and three-dimensional design, and material processes
▪ Production, critique and exhibition of studio artworks




Honours and Awards
Graduate Scholar Award, awarded by The Arts in Society Knowledge Community and Common Ground Publishing, 2015
▪ Warwick Scholar, awarded by the Warwick Society donors of the Kansas City Art Institute, 2013
▪ Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, awarded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, 2011
▪ School of Foundation Year Special Achievement Award, awarded by the faculty of the Kansas City Art Institute, 2010
▪ Trustee’s Scholarship, Kansas City Art Institute, 2009–13

Select Presentations
▪ Exhibit session, The Gendering Image: Communication Culture and Biological Inheritance, Sixth International Conference on The Image, Berkeley, California, upcoming 2015
▪Exhibit session, The Filters We Live Through: Imaging Emotion in Digital Media, Tenth International Conference on the Arts in Society, London, UK, upcoming 2015
▪ Guest lecturer, Wanted Woman: Iconography of Fear and Desire in Imaging ‘The Transgressive’, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 2015
▪ Main speaker, The Sun-goddess in the Temple of Muses: Claims to Ownership and Assertions of Identity from Hittite Anatolia to Contemporary New York, Warwick Scholar Program Reception, H&R Block Artspace, Kansas City, Missouri, 2013
▪ Main speaker and curator, An Exquisite Corpse: Study of the Florentine Renaissance, supported by the Gilman International Scholarship, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, 2011

Community Work
▪ Associate editor, The Arts Collection of International Journals, Edition 2015
▪ Event photographer, Studio Art Centers International (SACI) 40th Anniversary Event, Florence, Italy, 2015
▪ Research study participant, fMRI of Behavioral and Affective Tasks Research Study, Dr. Kateri McRae, Principal Investigator, Automaticity, Affect, Control and Thought (AACT) Lab, University of Denver Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research, Denver, CO
▪ Benefit auctioneer and contributing artist, Brave, Bold and Beautiful, Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), Boulder CO 2014

Professional Memberships
▪ The Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2015
▪ Society for Artistic Research, 2014-present
▪ The American Alliance of Museums, 2013–present
▪ International Foundation for Art Research, 2013–present
▪ Association for Research into Crimes Against Art, 2011–present
▪ American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, 2011–present




Mother tongue
▪ English

Other languages
▪ Latin, Level A1 in Reading
▪ German, Level A1 in Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction, Spoken Production

Communication skills
▪ Excellent communication and public speaking skills (honed through experience interviewing, lecturing, and performing)
▪ Excellent command of interview techniques, including interviewer protocols, the development of interview goals, open-ended questions and probes, and interview transcription (responsible for exhibit evaluation at the Denver Art Museum, 2013)
▪ Good command of peaceful conflict resolution techniques, including the establishment of rapport, active listening, the mapping of interpersonal solutions, negotiation, and teamwork (honed through university program, 2012)

Job-related skills
▪ Excellent command of the editing of scholarly writing, including the evaluation of journal articles both online and print based on criteria such as thematic focus, empirical grounding, conceptual modeling, explanatory logic, implications and applications, and quality of communication; annotating recommended revisions; and the writing of reviewer reports (acquired through professional practice)
▪ Excellent command of grant, press, and report writing (acquired through graduate studies and professional practice)
▪ Excellent command of research methods, including archive, library, Internet, and image research (honed as independent researcher and faculty research assistant at venues such as The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Spencer Art Reference Library, Denver Art Museum Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Thomas J. Watson Library, The British Museum libraries, and Studio Art Centers International Worthington Library)
▪ Excellent command of Internet research resources, including international websites; digital libraries such as Internet Archive and Project Guttenberg, and those of academic journals such as JSTOR, JURN, and; royalty free and public domain image databases such as iStock, Getty Images and ARTstore; library, museum, and gallery online catalogues; and scholarly search engines such as Google Scholar and WorldCat (as above)
▪ Excellent command of visual methodologies, including the compositional interpretation of an image through such theoretical frameworks as content, discourse, semiology, psychoanalytic, somatic and body (honed through BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute, 2009–13, and on-going studio practice)
▪ Good command of museum visitor experience analysis techniques, including qualitative and quantitative methods, visitor “tracking-and-timing” movement mapping, non-interactive observations, statistical data analysis, and the development of action points for exhibit design improvement (responsible for exhibit evaluation at Denver Art Museum, 2013)

Computer skills
▪ Excellent command of Microsoft Office™ tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (honed through on-going research and studio practice)
▪ Good command of Adobe Creative Suite® (honed during internship with Jim Sajovic, 2011–12, and through on-going studio practice)
▪ Familiarity with 3D-modelling software, including CAD and SketchUp (acquired in Exhibition Design, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, 2014)
▪ Familiarity with web design language and software, including CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Dreamweaver (acquired in Web Design Certificate Program, Boulder Digital Arts, 2014)
▪ Familiarity with multimedia frameworks for digital video, sound, and image recording, editing, and interactivity, including QuickTime, GarageBand, and iMovie (acquired in “Image-Sound-Text” Foundation workshop, Kansas City Art Institute, 2010)

Other skills
▪ Good command of digital photography, digital printing methods, and related print media (honed through internship with Jim Sajovic, 2011–12, and on-going studio practice)
▪ Good command of artwork installation, including hanging, display systems, and lighting (honed through art installation for critique and exhibition in the Painting Department of the Kansas City Art Institute, 2009–13, and through on-going studio practice)
▪ Familiarity with wood shop and carpentry techniques (developed through on-going studio practice)
▪ Proficiency in modern dance (formally practiced ballet, jazz and modern techniques and performed with Jerri Davis Dance Company), theatrical performance, and Tae Kwon Do

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